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(A portion of the proceeds from every copy of SPARKS IN LOVE will go directly to The SODA Fund™ and other organizations helping victims of domestic abuse and violence.) Blog Abuse: FAQs Get Help Media


The SODA Fund™ will work directly at the State level as advocates for better victims’ rights and to join and align advocates with existing legal groups so that work can move forward in a unified manner, laws can be written and passed as needed, and more attention can be focused on changes that need to occur.


The SODA Fund™ is excited to announce a series of virtual support groups: “SODA Talks™.” Led by a licensed expert in the field, survivors of domestic abuse can come together online for informative sessions on how to heal and begin a new life after abuse. SODAs® will have an opportunity during every session to submit questions to our experts, who will answer as many as possible live during the session!


The SODA Fund™ will work continuously to raise awareness about our mission, function, and projects so that we can actively solicit donations in support of our efforts and for those organizations already in place to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

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