The SODA Fund™ is a national nonprofit developed to provide support to victims and survivors as they flee domestic abuse, educate youth and young adults so they do not become the victims of tomorrow, and help to all who are healing from abuse and starting their lives over.

There is a great deal of work to be done to prevent domestic abuse and violence, to help extricate those who are trapped in these situations, and to help Survivors Of Domestic Abuse (SODAs®) thrive as they escape and begin new lives. Thus, our mandate includes the following:

AwarenessWe will start a national dialogue about the prevalence of domestic abuse and violence in our country at differing ages and stages.

Prevention: We will publicize the warning signs of domestic abuse and violence so that people will recognize the danger when faced with it.

Education: We will educate about the danger of domestic abuse and violence, about its escalation, and how to find a safe way out of it.

Advocacy: We will advocate for better and safer laws for victims and survivors in our US Courtrooms, and seek ways to keep victims from being further traumatized by virtue of seeking legal assistance.

Healing: We will share information and strategies for beginning a new life after domestic abuse and violence, and encourage victims to get the help they need to navigate the emotional impact.

Fundraising: We will promote our charity to gather funds that can be used to do this work and additional tasks as we see fit, and to assist other organizations helping victims of domestic violence and abuse.


Often we look at problems and issues in our world and think, “I’m glad that’s not me,” or “That’s too big for me to help with.” But the story of domestic abuse is different. Because with one-in-four women being affected in their lifetimes, if it isn’t you, it’s going to be someone really close to you:

  • One in four women
  • 20 people per minute
  • 10 million people per year
  • 20,000 calls for help placed to hotlines every day

If you think you can’t make a difference then you are truly underestimating the power that one person has to come together with others and form a group that can change the world. Give what you can: the world will already be different by tomorrow.