Community Cares by the SODA Fund(TM)

Community Cares by The SODA Fund™

Community Cares by The SODA Fund™ unites local businesses and their clients with victims of domestic abuse via The SODA Fund™. This innovative approach to community wellness benefits all who participate:

  • Small businesses work with their customer base to collect donations while safeguarding their sustainability.
  • Individuals make small donations and receive the immediate satisfaction of knowing their contributions will quickly reach those who critically need it.
  • The SODA Fund™ gains much-needed community support and access to a greater number of contributors, allowing for more programs and services to continue.

This streamlined and effective process funds the programs that protect and save lives every day and will enable these programs to continue to flourish.


Community Cares by The SODA Fund™ fosters the growth of all entities through community-building, business development, and increased involvement of individual contributors. This program bridges the gap between individuals, small businesses, and The SODA Fund™ in order to harness the power of each without decreasing the power of any. The Community Cares by The SODA Fund™ program is built upon the foundational notion that one person can, and will, make a difference when given a chance and a choice.


Community Cares by The SODA Fund™¬† – Where Small Change Makes a Big Difference™

For Additional Inquiries or to Join Community Cares by The SODA Fund™:

The SODA Fund™ is Grateful for the Support of the Following Community Cares Organizations:

Montgomery County Public Schools

Suburban Hospital

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital

Montgomery County Police Department

Montgomery County Firefighters Association