Project SODA SELF™

Did you know…

According to Psychology Today, “Learned helplessness manifests as a lack of self-esteem…common for people who have experienced domestic violence.”

What we are doing about it

Project SODA Self™ is a program for young adults and women focusing on self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-defense. This project is currently in development and will launch in the DC Metro Area, and then nationally. It will include comprehensive courses, guides, a lecture series, and a social media component to keep participants connected as they continue their journey through healing.

How you can help

$1.00 = program journal for students
$25.00 = 2 victims educated about self-defense
$50.00 = 4 victims educated about self-awareness
$100 = 6 victims educated about self-esteem
$500 = 1 student set of seminar materials