Who We Are:

The SODA Fund™ is the sister company to TheSoda-Pop.com. It was formed with the specific intent to both help abuse victims and survivors thrive as they escape abuse and begin their new lives, and raise funds and awareness for organizations already in place to support abuse victims. From public awareness to education, prevention to advocacy, we will work diligently to raise the volume on the conversations that have previously happened behind closed doors and in hushed tones. We hope to create an atmosphere where victims can heal, survivors can reclaim their lives, and communities can unify and support this mission as one loud and powerful voice.


The SODA Fund™ serves the community through education and advocacy by raising awareness of domestic abuse and violence issues, providing support to abuse victims and survivors as they exit abuse and begin their new lives, and supporting other organizations which directly impact the lives of abuse victims and survivors.


The SODA Fund™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
EIN: 83-1842369

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The SODA Fund, Inc.
4075 Park Blvd.
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San Diego, CA 92103

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