Did you know…

According to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, “29% of college women say they have already been in an abusive dating relationship.” Have we taught our children enough? Have we taught them the right things?

What we are doing about it

Project SODA PREVENTS™ educates teens and young adults about the warning signs of domestic abuse, so they don’t become the victims of tomorrow. We couple our featured book, Sparks in Love: A Survivor’s Story™, with bookmarks that overview the 15 warning signs of domestic abuse. We will distribute at schools, universities, and book fairs. We will begin in Maryland, then distribute nationally.

How you can help

$1.00 = 50 educational bookmarks
$25.00 = 3 educational book sets
$50.00 = 6 educational book sets
$100 = 5,000 educational bookmarks
$500 = 60 educational book sets