Did you know…

“According to the NCADV, domestic abuse victims will stay in their homes due to a lack of means to support themselves and their children financially.” How many people are stuck in abuse because they cannot afford a lawyer?

What we are doing about it

Project SODA POWER™ will forever change family law and abusive homes across the U.S. by offering free or low-cost attorneys to abuse victims seeking a Final Protective Order. We will empower victims to leave abuse, enable family law attorneys to help more victims, and put some order back into the courtrooms of our nation.

How you can help

$1.00 = *
$25.00 = *
$50.00 = *
$100 = 1 court case, average court fees
$500 = 5 court cases, average court fees

* Project SODA POWER™ will provide legal counsel at free or reeducated rates. Mandatory court fees are still required for each protective order case.